About the Shadow Committee

With the US economy in a severe recession, there are likely to be political pressures for significant changes in US trade policy. Some stakeholders in the Democratic Party would like to see President Obama adopt a more skeptical view of the value of free trade agreements. Congress included “Buy American” provisions in the recent fiscal stimulus package and might consider further protectionist actions if the US economy does not begin to recover soon. Would measures that restrict trade hurt the US economy? Have existing bilateral and multilateral trade agreements improved US national welfare? Is further liberalization of trade warranted? What elements should President Obama include in his trade policy agenda?

The Shadow Committee on US Trade Policy is a non-partisan group of economists with an interest in providing informed opinions about international trade and trade policy. Through this web site and periodic meetings, we will discuss current issues regarding US trade policy in an informal but intellectually rigorous manner. Suggestions for topics that the committee might address should be sent to gohanson@ucsd.edu.

Gordon Hanson, Chair
Shadow Committee on US Trade Policy